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Help Me Please Kitty

I am only an animal, constantly below your gaze - cold, hungry, dirty, and alone - I touch your feet, begging and hoping that you grant me your protection, your nurturing, and your Love.  I will forever be looking up at you, worshipping you, always grateful to be touched by you, and to be fed by your hand.  Though my life span has been fated to be less than yours, my Love for you will never die.

Isn't there a small space in your home and in your heart for someone like me?  Help me..... please?

برحمة الله ..ساعدنى


Foster Parents Are Urgently Needed

We are Desperately seeking Foster Parents and Foster Homes to shelter some of the cats and kittens which are waiting for their own Forever Homes, but which our shelter no longer has space. Being a Foster Parent is temporary. But, you will be very much surprised just how sweet and well-behaved many of these cats are when you provide them with a temporary place to live and wait to be adopted. If you need additional information about becoming a Foster Parent, contact EMRO Headquarters at or Ms. Aida at Please help. Thank you!


What is a Foster Parent?

Do you have room in your home and your heart for a four-legged Fur-baby whose language you do not understand, but who does understand you? Have you ever been or wanted to become a Foster Parent? Do you know what it means to be a Foster Parent to a scared and lonely cat or kitten, puppy or dog?

Foster Parents/Homes are Urgently needed in the Cairo, Egypt area at this time only. A Foster Parent is a temporary, volunteer position where the person(s) will house, provide food, water and litter for a cat or kitten (EMRO can provide a bag of dry cat food to start as well as the littler pan needed). Fostering is usually for cat(s) or kitten(s) already adopted and are awaiting their travel time. Fostering into a home gives cats and kittens a much-needed break out of the shelter and gets them acquianted to a home environment. Sometimes kittens may need to be fostered, or cats with colds. Please state if there are any preferences or if you are just able to provide the temporary home that is very much needed.

Please understand that this is a temporary position only.

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer Foster Parent, or if you need additional information, please contact, or

Needy Kitty


EMRO desperately needs volunteer Foster Parents for their cats and kittens who are stressed or can not adjust to shelter life. Please read the report by Ms. Gayle Taylor. Please click on this icon to read Gail's report in PDF format. Foster Parenting article


Updated December 5, 2014




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