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2003-2009 Archives

Many Thanks to Those Who Help

EMRO would like to acknowledge the following groups and individuals who are offering their support, advice or ongoing donations of money and/or time:


Purina Cat Chow

Purina FriskiesPurina Tidy Cats

EMRO is very pleased to welcome Nestlé PURINA as a corporate sponsor, for quarterly donations of their nutritious dry food and cat litter to our shelter. They generously also give a bag of cat food and litter to all local Cairo adoptions from our shelter!

logo Purina

Yellow Pages Egypt
Our heartfelt thanks go out to everybody at Yellow Pages Egypt, who kindly allowed EMRO to place free ads in their 2009 phone book, thus helping EMRO to become better known in the region.

The Egyptian Mau International Association

The A.I.M.E. is an international Mau club group originating in France. They have lovely Maus which both club members and officers are very passionate about. The A.I.M.E. has a breedery called "Fondcombe" which was one of the first, and only, international organizations to import Maus directly from Egypt many years ago. EMRO is both proud and honored to be a part of this historic association with the A.I.M.E., and to have them aboard as a sponsor as well.

2007-2009 SUPPORTERS

Hebatullah Ismail, Chattanooga,TN - USA
Shawn Breck, Washington, D.C., USA
Cheri Collins, USA (Monthly General Donator)
Todd Dworshak, Boston, MA, USA
Clorinda de Stockalper, Reno, NV, USA
Stephen Glazer, Memphis, TN, USA
Patricia Heiden, Houghton, MI (Michigan Tech Univ.)
Naruemon Meyer, Pattersonville, NY, USA
Beth Pawlick, San Mateo, CA, USA
Pam Piecuch, Huntley, IL, USA
Brigette Pohl, Alameda, CA - USA
Suzana Psenicnik, APO AE, USA
Josh Savelkoul, Fort Bragg, N.C., USA
Peggy Sue Sweet, Terrebonne, OR, USA
Judy Watson, British Columbia, Canada
Catwalk Katzenkratzbaumsystem, Germany (Manufacturer of high-quality scratchposts)
Maus' Art Cattery, New Brunswick, Canada
Stephen Glaser, Tennessee, USA
Mohamed Magdy (
Beaumaris Egyptian Maus, United Kingdom
Egypt Society of Animal Friends, (ESAF) Egypt
Mona Kahlil, TV Anchor, Egypt
The Egyptian Mau Club, United Kingdom
ROYAL CANIN, Africa/Middle East
Samy's Farm, Zamalik, Cairo Egypt
Sabine and William Harding, USA
Bonnie Reid, Victoria BC, Canada
Julie Dodd, The Cat Flat, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
Aida Marina, CA, USA
Carol Anne Green, TX, USA
Ancient Dreams, Germany
Cairo Cats Cattery, TX, USA
Werner Wildner and Elke Seefelder, Germany
PAWS, Saudi Arabia (KSA)
Noha El-Sharkawy, Cairo, Egypt
Nicholas Turchyniak, BC, Canada
Khadija Hammond, FL, USA
Dr. Mustafa Saleh, FL, USA
Hatem Amin, Cairo
Jan Shroy, IL, USA
Vividign, FL, USA
Michelle Evans (calendar courier)
Miss Ohana Abou El Fettough
Mrs. Siham
Faith Kufer, Egypt (fundraiser at the bazaar)

.... and all our Mau monthly sponsors & GiveMeaning donators!


Andrew Sinanoglou (Cairo to NYC, USA)
Cheryl Collier (Cairo to Boston, MA)
Marihan Mehelba (Cairo to NM, USA)
Callie Wallace (Cairo to TX, USA)
Terence David, Canada (BC)
Gail Sasse, USA (Boston)
Michelle Evans, USA (LA)
Kathleen Carr, USA (Denver)
Toni St. John, USA (LA)
Gerd-Inger McDougall, USA (KSA to Washington DC)
Charlene Gubash, USA (St Paul, Minnesota)
Richard Sowars (KSA to NYC)
Randi Danforth (NYC/Boston)
Bettina Elze, Flugpate (Germany)
Heidi Morrison (LA)
Christine Carriere (Boston)
Carol Kochick (Houston)
Julie Jonsson (Omaha)
Salwa Elshazly (Washington DC)
Maria Biggs (NYC)
Nada Elayat (NYC)
Christine Anderson (Denver)
Natalie Forcier (Boston)
Dodd Family (Frankfurt, Germany)
Sabine Stemmler (Stuttgart, Germany)
Liz and Adel Eldekar (NYC, Detroit)
Gloria Lauris/Ali Elkholy (KSA to Cairo)
Mary Heslin (Washington DC)
Aisha (St. Louise, MO)
Michele (Munich, Germany)
Carol Twombley (KSA to TX, USA)
Stephanie Jacobson (Washington DC)
Mohamed Aly (Cairo to NYC)

And thanks to all those potential pet escorts who volunteered but unfortunately we didn't have an adopted cat going their way...

2003-2006 SUPPORTERS

Apophis & Amun-Ra Egyptian Maus, NZ
Beaumaris Egyptian Maus, UK
Celestial Pets, USA
Dr. Ahmed (Veterinarian) Cairo, Egypt
Drs Nour Hashish and Mohamed Hegab (Veterinarians - Pet Vet Clinic) Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
Egypt Society of Animal Friends, (ESAF) Egypt
Elquairo Cattery, Canada
La Maus, Australia
Mauraj Cattery, USA
Adbelmajid Osman Galaidos & Family, KSA
Joey Korn, Spiritual Teacher and Dowser, USA
Kelly Gunderson, teacher, and her class and the school children, USA
Mona Kahlil, TV Anchor, Egypt
Teresa Mertens, USA, KSA
Tom Olsen, Managing Director, Golf Magazine, Cairo, Egypt
MysticalMaus Cattery, USA
Neko Mau, USA
Spinnersmoon Burmese (email), UK
The Daily Mews, UK
The Egyptian Mau Club, UK
Tiny Tales Cattery (email),Canada
John King, Canada
Dr. Amir Mikhail Pet Care Clinic, Cairo Egypt
Terry Jones (Computer Wizard), Cairo, Egypt
Mitch Plunkett, USA
Sabine and William Harding, USA
Pamela Brown, USA
Ted and Gaye Thomas, TN, USA
Kristina at Kyross, NV, USA
Victoria Greenough, Australia
Bonnie Reid, Victoria BC, Canada
Julie Dodd, The Cat Flat, Maadi, Cairo, Egypt
Aida Marina, CA, USA
Joseph M. Szulik, NY, USA
Peggy Sue Sweet, USA
Sharon Walker, USA
Fiona Sheppard, UK
Gary J. Tate, USA
Carol Anne Green, TX, USA
Pamela Rezk, Masseuse, Cairo, Egypt
Michelle, UK
Henrietta Lilley, Cairo, Egypt
Ann Van Den Bossche, Cairo, Egypt
Zuleika L. Hubble, Cairo, Egypt
Pam Piecuch, IL, USA
Noha El-Sharkawy, Cairo, Egypt
Dina Fakhry, Cairo, Egypt
PAWS, Saudi Arabia (KSA)
Gail Sasse, MA, USA
Prairie Mau Cattery, Sask, Canada
Jewels Nile Cattery, Ontario, Canada
Mrs. Kampmann, Wiesbaden, Germany
Annett Kühl, Mainhausen, Germany
Christin Masuhr, Hamburg, Germany
Barbara Allen, Cairo, Egypt

Please consider making a donation of time and/or money and your name can be added here! Please see our donate, sponsor, and volunteer pages.





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