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2007 Archives

2007-01 EMRO welcomes ROYAL CANIN as a corporate sponsor


MENAW Conference, Cairo, Egypt, Dec 2007


Booth4 Ahmed S

panel MENAW7


First row: EMRO's booth at the MENAW conference; Second row: At the EMRO booth: Dr. Engy, Dr. Doaa', Dr. Nancy and Ms. Gloria Lauris. Opening the conference is Mr. Ahmed El Sherbiny, who organized the event. He is Chair of the Egyptian Society of Animal Friends (ESAF). Third row: Panel speakers at the event; EMRO staff listen to an inservice topic on shelter care from guest speaker from Kuwait, seated in front: Mr. Maged Abdel Razik (EMRO general manager), Ms. Gloria Lauris (EMRO founder), Dr. Doaa' (assistant EMRO vet) and behind her is Dr. Engy (EMRO vet). Fourth row: More session participation, left to right: Dr. Engy, Dr. Doaa', Dr. Nancy, Gloria Lauris, Maged Abdel Razik; group shot at the hotel venue, Cairo, Egypt.

At this conference, EMRO participated in this first Middle East animal welfare conference, held in Cairo, Egypt. We had a table and distributed flyers about Maus and sold statues and papyrus. We had a number of interested inquiries from other non-profit groups and individuals in the Middle East as well as from Europe and North America.

EMRO Garden, Fall 2007

Garden1Garden5Garden6Garden7 Garden8Garden9kittenbasket

Assorted angles of the recent garden built in planters along EMRO's brick fence around the shelter. They provide shelter and a place for the feral and released cats to hide and play. As the plants become more mature, they will create more shade, height and a jungle-like atmosphere. The cage is an extension of the boab's hut (guard) and serves as a half-way "house" for release, and for isolation and other purposes as required. A wooden gate and trellis are planned in 2008 and a further isolation quarter in the back for cases of ringworm and cat flu.

Thanks to the donations of our kind volunteer, Ms. Aida Marina of CA, USA (also our Sponsorship Manager), she donated funds to help us create a mini garden in the back and side of EMRO shelter to help provide shade and a place to hide for the feral cats recently released. A plaque of dedication (and memorium to deceased Maus) will be set up this spring.



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