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2008 Archives

EMRO Founders Meet and Honour USA Volunteers, Summer 08

EMRO1 July 08 EMRO2 July08

Left: Aida Marina, Gloria Lauris and Heather Lewis. Right: Heather Lewis, Ismail Elkholy, Gloria Lauris and Aida Marina

In July, 2008 EMRO founders Ms. Gloria Lauris, Dr. Ismail Elkholy and teen son Ali Elkholy met and thanked California volunteers, Ms. Aida Marina (Sponsorship Manager) and Ms. Heather Lewis (Adoptions Assistant) at an informal luncheon in LA, CA. Aida and Heather have been faithful helpers to EMRO for over the last year and assist with sponsorships and adoptions of Maus going to the USA. It was great to finally meet in person! EMRO wishes to thank Aida and Heather for their wonderful and selfless support in helping the native Maus in Egypt!

Aida July08 Supplies1 July08 Supplies2 July08Supplies3 July08

Left: Aida Maina. Right: Packing some of the many supplies donated by Aida to be taken to Cairo in July to aid the Maus at the EMRO shelter!

EMRO also wishes to thank Ms. Aida Marina for her continued extra support of the Maus through generous donations of veterinarian and other supplies to take to Cairo to the cats, as well as donations to help create a garden for the stray and feral cats to hide outside of EMRO's HQ in Mokattam, Cairo Egypt.

Volunteer Takes EMRO Mau Poster to Germany and Switzerland

cat poster sm

EMRO volunteer Rosalind Smith of Cairo, Egypt prepared a poster for EMRO to gain interest in the cats during her recent business trip to Germany and Switzerland. She handed out brochures and answered questions about the ancient cats while in Europe. Well done Rosalind, and thanks on behalf of your friends at EMRO!

Rescued EMRO Mau Cat Enters Show and Wins! (South Africa)

Diab1 Diab2

May 24, 08, Cape Town, South Africa: Recently adopted EMRO shelter cat"Diab," a spayed, 2-year old bronze Mau, was entered into a local cat show in South Africa and came first in her category and got a certificate as well. Two more show wins, and she will be eligible to be a "master." The adopter, Mariana Booth, says that people were very interested and enthusiastic to see a Mau, and she took the opportunity to distribute EMRO brochures around to raise awareness for the breed and hope for more adoptions of shelter cats through this route.

Maadi Madness! "Fun"draiser, May 9, 2008 Raises USD 1,400!

Maadi, Cairo Egypt: Kind Mau supporters in Cairo recently held a "fun"d raiser at home with some friends and raised almost $1,400 US for EMRO cats! Donations were matched in kind by Egypt Yellow Pages. The money is gratefully appreciated and will likely be used towards recovering some of the shredded furniture in cat rooms 1 and 2 with any remaining money going towards further isolation cages or renovation of cat room 1 (adoptable cats). Many thanks go to Holly, Lynsay, Tina, Shannon and Sione for a great idea and much needed funds raised and to Yellow Pages Egypt for matching their funds raised! Holly and Lynsay are foster parents for EMRO cats ready to travel and making the transition from shelter to home or needing a break from shelter life. Holly currently is fostering Momo in Cairo, who continues to wait for his forever home. THANK YOU from EMRO!

Table top sale in Al Khobar, KSA (Saudi Arabien)

EP sales1 Feb08 EP sale2 Feb08EP sales3 Feb08 EPales4 Feb08

Top left: Table top participants Gloria Lauris (EMRO). Left, middle: Terry Evans, and right: Ali Elkholy. Other scenes show sale in action on Feb 29, 2008!

TT May 16 TT2 May 16

TT3 May 16 TT4 May 16

Top left: Ali Elkholy. Top right: Gloria Lauris. Bottom left: Siham Jones and bottom right: Brigitte Burridge and Carol Kirkland. Sale action on May 16, 2008.

On two occasions, the mornings of Feb 29, 2008 (leap year Feb) and May 16, 2008, EMRO and PAWS (Saudi Arabia grassroots animal welfare group) joined forces to hold a table at the recent Oasis Gardens compound sale for residents and workers. Donations were given by residents. About $200 US was made at each sale (total $400), and profits were split by PAWS and EMRO. Thanks go to volunteers Dr. Ismail Elkholy, Terry Evans, Ali Elkholy, Andrew and Luisa Racham and Gloria Lauris (EMRO) (Feb 29, 08); and to Terry Evans, Siham Jones (PAWS), Louise O'Loan (PAWS), Carol Twombley (PAWS), Brigitte Burridge, Carol Kirkland from Riyadh, Ali Elkholy and Gloria Lauris (EMRO) (May 16, 08).

Information Booths, Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia May-June 08

Info booth May 08June 1 KSA

Left pic: Gloria Lauris (EMRO) and Gabriele Casanova (PAWS), May 4, 08. Right pic: Gloria Lauris, Coffee morning sale and info table, June 1, 08 Saudi Arabia (KSA).

PAWS and EMRO joined forces to distribute information about the two groups to local residents during a coffee morning on May 4, 08 and June 1 at the Oasis Gardens compound in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. At the June 1 coffee morning at the compound we sold some of the leftover items that didn't sell from the May 16 table top sale. Gabriele Casanova is the next PAWS volunteer representative for the compound and will work with residents and managers to give information about local veterinary care, help with periodic trapping of stray cats in the compound, and help raise funds for PAWS and animals in the Gulf, especially those needing to be rehomed.

Book Signing at CSA, Cairo Egypt, January 2008



Top left: Ms. Khadija Hammond (KS Hammond) and sister Paulette man the booth at CSA bazaar in Maadi, Cairo at the end of January 2008. Top right, left to right: Ms. Gloria Lauris (Founder EMRO), Ms. KS Hammond (author), Ms. Paulette, Dr. Mustafa Saleh (exotic vet and author), Dr. Ismail Elkholy (founder EMRO). Bottom left: Ms. Khadija and Ms. Paulette snuggling a CSA stray. Bottom Right: Author signing copies of her book.

book cover The Legend of Pa-Miu by K.S. Hammond

Ms. Khadija S. Hammond, American author and Egyptologist, came to Egypt in January and stayed at the EMRO Suite while exploring ways to help us to raise funds. One of them involved signing and promoting her recent book about a Mau, called The Legend of Pa-Miu, at the Community Services Association (CSA) in Maadi, Cairo, Egypt. All proceeds of the sales went to EMRO, and dozens of her books are available for sale in CSA's bookstore, as well as at select hotels in Cairo. Copies of her book can also be obtained directly from the author at:

In addition, exotic veterinarian surgeon, Egyptian-American Dr. Mustafa Saleh, also donated several copies of his book entitled Adventures of the Heart about his work with animals in America and elsewhere. Proceeds went to EMRO as well. He also brought some supplies from America for the EMRO vet clinic.

Inservice Veterinary Sessions, EMRO January, 2008

Inserv1 Inserv2


Top left: Dr. Mustafa (exotic vet surgeon), Dr. Doaa' (assistant EMRO vet), Dr. Nancy (EMRO vet) and Dr. Engy (EMRO vet); Top right: The veterinarians with cat to spay, being held by EMRO animal worker Redah; Bottom left and right: Dr. Mustafah demonstrating spay technique and clinic hygiene and organization.

Dr. Saleh donated time and expertise to provide some inservices not only to EMRO vets (on clinic organization and procedures, animal handling), but also to veterinarians to other shelters in an informal inservice at the Animal Friends shelter, where various spaying techniques were discussed as well as client and peer relationships protocols were examined. We hope to welcome Dr. Saleh back again in the near future and discuss possible animal health initiatives with him.


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