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Recent News - 2010


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Urgent - Romney House Cat Rescue Threatened by Closure by Bromley Council

Can you spare a few minutes to read about sign the Petition to help this little rescue shelter which is facing closure? Simply add your name to the Petition to help stop this closure and, please forward onto your animal-loving friends. Just one extra name will help the cause and make a difference. Thank you so much!

Many of you will know of Romney House Cat Rescue and will have met Silvana Locke who runs it, at our Homing Days.  Romney House has taken in many cats from Croydon Cats Protection and successfully rehomed them, some of whom have been particularly difficult. Romney House is now facing closure on 4 DECEMBER 2010. The reasons for this can be viewed on the Romney House web page where there is an online petition to sign. This can be reached by the following links:  At the top of this page click on Please sign our petition to save Romney House from closure. This will take you to Hot Petitions.  The 4th one down is Save our Cat Rescue Centre.  Click on this to bring up the petition form.

As you can imagine, not only is this a bitter blow for Silvana, but is even worse for the cats currently there awaiting homes, those that would have been taken in, and those that live there permanently.  We all know from our own experience that rescue organisations are facing a crisis with the number of unwanted and abandoned cats and kittens and more rescue centres are needed not less.  I would therefore urge you to sign the petition and please forward this email on to anyone else you know who might be willing to sign it.

Also, if you feel able to do a letter addressed to ?To whom it may concern? Supporting Romney House Cat Rescue and send it to: Mrs. S. Locke, Romney House, Luxted Road, Downe BR6 7JX, Kent, it would help enormously as these will be presented to the Council along with the petition.

Apologies to anyone who has already signed the petition.

Many thanks


Celebrate "World Animal Day" this October 4th! For more information, please click on this logo to read the three-page report. EMRO's Foster Parent Appeal


September 23, 2010 - The Egyptian Mau Rescue Organization (EMRO) is a registered non-profit animal welfare group dedicated to rescuing descendants of the sacred cat of
ancient Egypt. We have created a safe and healthy environment in Cairo, where rescued cats can live safely until re-homed. Most are available for adoption locally and internationally.

Please click on this PDF to read the entire one-page report. EMRO's Foster Parent Appeal


Don't know the difference between an Egyptian Mau and Balady cat? Watch this "YouTube" video by Russian AUC student Rummana and EMRO PR Person, Rosalind Smith, to learn more. Egyptian Mau.


June 27, 2010 - MAATMAUS Breedery located in Houston, Texas is run by T'Pell Wilson who hopes to specialize in red Native Maus, and possibly blue Maus, with help to expand the new (but ancient) Native Mau lineage, as well as help to enhance the current Egyptian Mau lineage with more traditional Mau breeders.

T'Pell is a systems analyst for a finance company but has a passion for cats, especially red colorpoint siamese and, more recently, Egyptian Maus. She currently has a  spayed silver Egyptian Mau female, Kirydashi's Nefertari, 2 years old (from Seattle, Wash). T'Pell will add a lot of value to our NESMA discussions on new breed registry, especially for new breed colours such as the reds. This breedry just newly forming and awaiting a suitable red female Mau to start her breedery and to be a companion for her current Mau. She will be working closely with CairoCats Cattery in Midland, Texas and has been in discussion with the Founder, Carol Anne. These two catteries will currently cover not only USA but North America (until other current or future NESMA members become active in other North American regions).

Welcome, T'Pell!

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EMRO has been listed for free in Yellow Pages Egypt (both phone book & website) with a set of beautiful advertisements that will hopefully increase our popularity by leaps and bounds. You can see two of the attractive designs below. If you place your mouse on the image below without clicking on it, you can view the second layout in red. Of course, Yellow Pages Egypt have also been added to our Sponsors & Supporters page.

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